Good question. Hi, my name’s Eric and this is my blog about gaming. It will mostly be about Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition, but I’ve been gaming for over a decade now so I might have one or two things to say about other mediums and games.

Who am I?

I suppose the essentials would be that I’m 29 years old, engaged to a lovely geek, and am a Senior at Middle Tennessee State University. I’m a double major in Philosophy & Psychology, with a minor in Sociology. Before I moved to Tennessee I served in the United States Army and was stationed at Fort Bragg, NC with the 82nd Airborne Division. I was a 25Q in the 82nd Signal Battalion, served a tour of duty in Iraq from 03-04, and in 2006 received an Honorable Discharge.

The very first rpg that I ever played was Fallout. I had no idea it was an rpg at the time, but it hooked me hard. After I beat it I bought some AD&D 2nd edition books, convinced my friend to run a game, and had my first character (a wizard) die in the very first encounter I ever played. He got treed by some zombies. Such an ignoble death, but I’ve been gaming ever since. I was in college when 3rd edition was released and I suppose it’s fair to say I spent more time gaming than studying, because I didn’t last long in college the first time. Failing school was what prompted the enlistment in the Army, but I found gamers there too and kept on rolling.

I’ve only recently made the switch from 3.5 to 4th edition. I met some people at my FLGS in December and got invited to a 4th edition Dark Sun game. We’ve been playing since January started and I’m sold on 4th edition. After 10 years of loving and cursing 3.5, I was more than ready to make the switch.

So what’s going to be on this blog?

It will mostly be about my personal experiences and thoughts on gaming. A gaming journal of sorts, but also expect original content that you can use in your game. I’ve got a few ideas of my own and am excited about the opportunity to share them.

The blogs and links on the right are other gaming blogs and sites that I follow. You should check them out, and if you want to you can follow me on twitter, @ericnsamuels.