I’m about to head out to the first session of my Break the Iron Circle game (Reavers of Harkenwold adventure) and I wanted to share with you how badly I need to start keeping a day planner.

I had planned for two D&D games on Saturday; running the Revenge of the Iron Lich and playing in my weekly Dark Sun game. What I failed to remember is that Saturday is also my and Bre’s 1st anniversary of when we started dating. I didn’t realize this until last night and when I talked to her about it (So….I just realized something…) she nodded her head and was wondering if I had remembered. Because she had remembered for sure and was slightly curious about why I had not 1, but 2 D&D sessions scheduled for our anniversary.

Insert panic face here.

But she’s awesome. I agreed to not go to the weekly Dark Sun game and let them know about it, but still run the Revenge game at the store. I don’t have all the contact info for the players that are coming tomorrow so I’d have no way of telling them that the game was cancelled.

In return we are getting a kitten. It’s okay, I like pets. I’ve just put off agreeing to a cat because I don’t like taking care of them. Bre, however, is definitely a cat person and I knew it was only a matter of time before we got one. And she just texted me a picture of a kitten she found, and the dang thing is really cute.

So, to recap: I almost had a critical fail for anniversaries, my fiancee is awesome, and we’re getting a kitten. Off to the game store! I’ll post some updates during the game to my twitter (@ericnsamuels). Wait for character deaths in real time! I’m kidding. Mostly.

Good gaming!