Good moring, gamers! I’ve got a busy next two days of gaming ahead. Friday night is the first session of my Break the Iron Circle game at the Roll the Dice. I’m running the Reavers of Harkenwold adventure that came in the Dungeon Master’s Kit and I feel I’m ready for it. The first session will probably get through 2 or 3 encounters at the most, since it will be the start-up session which usually entails extra RP between the characters and the NPC’s in order to get the players immersed in the world. I think it will go well.

Saturday is a big day. I’m running Revenge of the Iron Lich at noon at the store and that’s the game that I’m a little nervous about. The players that I’ve gathered up for it seem to be excited to play it, but they are all relatively new to the 4th edition. I’m worried that they won’t complete the adventure in the time limit simply because they don’t have a lot of experience with how 4th edition works.

So to help speed the game up I’m considering changing the way damage rolls work. Instead of rolling for damage with each attack, I’m thinking that each attack that has random damage will instead do average damage + half their level.  Monsters would just get the average damage, no half-level bump. If the attack deals a static number of points of damage, it deals that number + half their level. I’m going to go over the pre-gens and mark down ahead of time what those numbers total out for every attack and write them on each power card.

It’s a small measure, but nearly every power the pre-gens have will be new to the players so any attempt to reduce the math and change it to a quick visual check (okay, I hit with that so I do X damage) I feel will help speed the game. So the dwarf fighters melee basic is now +21 atk, 27 dmg while a sample enemies attack would deal 24 damage. The favor is to the PC’s, but I think they will need the help.

Critical hits still deal max damage, as they should.


Good gaming!