Good morning, internets.

Got a relatively busy day today. Breakfast at Wall St, physical science test in my first class, then class the rest of the day. But tonight is Encounters night! Woot.

Last week I played a Cleric (warpriest) for the first time and I was really pleased with the difference from 3.5. Instead of simply using my actions to cast cure spells on the party in combat I was attacking and providing short buffs, whether it was a healing surge or boost to defenses. It was pretty cool to have the party form around the cleric, sort of like a mobile defense station. There were 8 people and 2 DM’s last week at Encounters and hopefully they’ll all be back tonight.

Should also get the chance to talk to my players more about the game Friday and get some close to final notes about what the party composition is going to be. We’ve been in e-mail contact for the past week and so far it seems that the party will consist of a Gnome Bard, a Half-Orc Paladin, Elf Druid (spring), and an Eladrin Psion. There’s another player that has expressed interest but I don’t have his e-mail so I suppose I’ll find out tonight what he’s playing. If he hasn’t decided I’m going to recommend Cleric, because while the party will have a Druid for some healing, my experience last week showed me that it’s important to have a character that is dedicated to healing. Well, I suppose I could say dedicated to a single role in order to provide the most benefits of that role to the party.

To explain that further let me talk about my weekly Dark Sun game. There’s a Human Warlord in the party that at first was built half & half, and by that I mean the player roughly divided his abilities between powers that affected other characters and powers that enhanced himself. After a few sessions of play and some retraining he changed the majority of powers to effect other characters. The difference was really noticeable and a big jump in our effectiveness. There’s no healer in the group, so the Warlord does that as a side job, but his main deal of granting attacks, and attack and damage bonuses, really turn the tide for us in battle. So while the Druid will be able to heal some, I think the party will have a better chance of surviving if they have a dedicated healer.

I’ll report back on Encounters and how the party is shaping up later tonight.

Good gaming!